Maligne Lake Ski Club

The Maligne Lake Ski Club's multi-generational membership understands and appreciates the wilderness and cultural values of the sub-alpine area in Jasper National Park known as the “Snowbowl”, and communicates these values to others.

The Maligne Lake Ski Club has offered people the opportunity to develop a deep connection to nature and to a sense of place. Over the years, hundreds of people have visited the Shangrila cabin. For many, the skiing is secondary to the experience of spending time in the backcountry, and appreciating one's surroundings. These experiences lead to an appreciation for our environment, and a desire to support our national parks. We value stewardship as an underlying vision for our Club.


Shangrila was built in 1936 by Curly Phillips with Doug Jeffery, assisted by Willard Jeffery. (Verne Jeffery, who was involved with initial concept, was away on his honeymoon.) The cabin was to be Jasper's first entry in the new tourism business: skiing.

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