Where's the cabin?

We are not aware of any paper maps outlining routes into Shangrila. With the advent of GPS and iPhones, custom maps can be downloaded and installed to your devices. While this greatly aids route finding, Jasper National Park is very low on the list of mapping; the Internet based maps available to us, while giving accuracy within feet, look terrible on your computer screen. The backcountry of Jasper National Park is a low priority to satellite map making companies.

There are two basic routes to Shangrila. Little Shovel Pass is more scenic. Jeffery Creek Trail is shorter.


The first leaves from Maligne Lake and follows the scenic Skyline Trail to the Snowbowl. Once in the middle of the flats of the Snowbowl, follow the watershed you are standing in down to the cabin. The cabin will be impossible to see until you enter the narrowing of this watershed in what we call The Draw. 

Plan on spending most of the day getting to the cabin.  Some route finding skills may be necessary, as this trail is less used than the Jeffery Creek Trail.


This is the most used trail.  The shorter route is more direct, but less scenic. There are a couple of variations to choose from depending on snow conditions and time of year.

Via the Winter Trail

Most of the season, we start from Rosemary's Rock, about a mile before the first bridge across the Maligne River. There is a small parking lot just past the curve of the road that is at Rosemary’s Rock itself. Most years, a natural ice bridge will form here that provides a shorter route. Safety is a consideration here as this is an ice bridge across moving water.

After crossing the ice bridge, we use the Winter Trail to the junction of the Summer Trail and Jeffery's Creek. Travel up and down Jeffery's Creek is preferred for safety. It is, none the less, still a test of your abilities and generously called an Intermediate's trail.

Currently, we do not have a GPS map for the Winter Trail.

Via the Summer Trail

In years when the ice bridge does not form, or for early season access, we solve the problem of crossing the Maligne River by driving about a mile further to the first bridge. Here there is a summer picnic spot with primitive toilets and parking. Walk your equipment across the bridge and follow what we refer to as the Summer Trail. This route will add about a mile to your trip in; plan accordingly.

Very early visitors to Shangrila may encounter snow conditions such that the trail in Jeffery Creek is not yet broken. These people will only have the Summer trail for both in and out. The ski out is very treacherous as the trail is narrow and the trees plentiful. (Cut for summer maintenance access, it is not designed for skiing.)